Problems with Word or Open Office? Don't Panic! We are here for you!

A team of graphic designers and proof-readers are ready to tear themselves apart to save your lives.  We correct your work and ensure a layout on the standards of professional publications. And all this in low prices, fast and always listening to your needs!

So... Why address to us?

It is quite a pity to ruin the work of whole months on account of the fatigue on a late night, right before the deadlne! Spelling mistakes and a badly edited text do not do your research justice. Bouhouou... No more! I'll just leave it as it is... One well-thought page layout, taking into account eye movement and text density, along with meticulously chosen ornaments add up to the value of your work. Your text will be pleasing to the eye and your professors and readers will vastly enjoy reading your research! Your document will be a shining example among its lot! Do not forget, a professor who's having hard time reading and understanding your text will not be exactly predisposed to give you a good grade... Be aware!

How does it work?

1. Write your dissertation in your favorite format, without really worrying about text formatting, headers, tables... Just show us where you want them and let us take care of the rest! 2. E-mail us your final document, specifying which of our services you would like to employ and the spelling style you wish to apply on your text. You will soon have a reply from us, to confirm our price and you can (finally) get a good night's sleep! 3. As soon as we have processed your work, we will send it through e-mail providing you with its download link after you've processed your automatic payment through Gumroad!

Our rates

Basic proof-reading: 0,5 per page --> delivery in 48 hours! (Temporarily only available in French) / Proof reading and editing: 1 per page --> delivery in 72 hours! (Temporarily only available in French) / Including grammar and syntax polishing and corrections. Ideal for students who are not native english speakers. Pagination of your text in a style and layout of your choice: 0,5 per page --> delivery in 24 hours! Along with a PDF version of your work, ready for printing! -- Ebook option for 15 Euro / Your text in epub and mobi format, ready to be imported in all tablets and e-readers! These deadlines are specified according to a typical disseration of approximatelly 90 pages, font size 12, line spacing 1.50 i.e. approximately 30 lines per page or 300/400 words per page. You can choose one or more of our services. 5% reduction for all service packages involving Proof reading + Pagination! Available pagination styles and formats: All these styles (exc. Article) are in accordance with the standard university specifications for a dissertation: font size 12, line spacing 1.50, Justified text. Some of these samples have been composed having in mind a specific field, but you can choose freely, to your own liking. Your prefered style will be personalised, according to your text's needs. Simple and Cool - Simple, pleasant, spacious and balanced, compatible with all types of texts. Baudelaire - A poetic air to adorn the words and language. Hipster - A combination of old school and modern design. Terrain - An air of travel and authenticity, like a diary of a anthropologist. Professional - Geometrical, precise and very professional. Ideal for your research in applied sciences and economy. Very serious - Timeless, classic, serious and classy. Exalt your research to the elite. Geek - A somewhat geeky style, referancing to computer programming and html, with clearness and humour. Fashion - Embrace the look of a magazine, always in fashion! We use professional software, employing our expert knowledge of graphic design from various publishing houses. Words and images is our business. If your university has very strict specifications, we recommend you choose either the Classic or Sherlock Holmes style, which correspond to all the academic criteria stilted, style and more! All these titles have already been presented and approved by university professors, though it is possible that some of their peers might not approve of any kind of initiative when it comes to page layout. In this case, they will be very content with the Classic style, while with Sherlock Holmes they will be brimming with jealousy! The time limits of our services referenced on the front page are cumulative, in case your commission involves multiple services. For example, a simple proof-reading service + graphic design of your work is going to take 48h + 24h = 72h maximum (in the case of a 90-page dissertation and the use of the Ninja option).