Thank you for using the services of Mémoire Mon Amour ! We hope that you will be satisfied and that your effort will get a high grade, claiming its own place in the world of research! We would be delighted if you let us know about your results after your graduation! Thank you for reading the following information before using our services.

We are a small team of professionals and we naturally expect an influx of commissions at the end of each school year. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to notify us well in advance on the date you will be requiring our help, to ensure you will enjoy the best of our services! The time limits of our services referenced on the front page are cumulative, in case your commission involves multiple services. For example, a simple proof-reading service + graphic design of your work is going to take 48h + 24h = 72h maximum (in the case of a 90-page dissertation and the use of the Ninja option). Cover pages and appendices which exclusively contain images are not taken into account for proof-reading prices (naturally, nothing to proof-read there!) but they do count towards pagination charges. All these styles (exc. Article) are in accordance with the standard university specifications for a dissertation: font size 12, line spacing 1.50, justified text.  All those styles have been visualised in black and white, to reduce your printing costs (unless your images are in color, of course) and of course they can be adapted to your university's specific constraints. Universities often require the Times New Roman font, to avoid getting exposed to fancier student choices. This is not our font of preference, since it is rather tiring to read, especially in longer texts. In fact, Times New Roman is appropriately applicable only on newspapers and magazines, i.e. for small-sized text arranged in columns. On the other hand, on A4 size, font size 12, it does not really work to your benefit, and results to a rather aggressive text. In addition, because of its default support by office computers (since licensed incorporation of this font in standard office software is rather inexpensive), it has now become overused and therefore gives out a rather amateurish text. We prefer to use fonts easier to read than Times New Roman, which are more appropriate for longer texts on A4 and provide a much more polished reading environment, although they are virtually the same size with Times New Roman and therefore make for similar text spans. Both the Classic style and Sherlock Holmes employ Garamond family fonts ¨¨- much like the Times New Romans without its downsides. Your professors are surely not going to rebuke you for trying to improve their visual comfort! If your university has very strict specifications, we recommend you choose either the Classic or Sherlock Holmes style, which correspond to all the academic criteria stilted, style and more! All these titles have already been presented and approved by university professors, though it is possible that some of their peers might not approve of any kind of initiative when it comes to page layout. In this case, they will be very content with the Classic style, while with Sherlock Holmes they will be brimming with jealousy! We apologise to the students of mathematics and hard sciences: mathematical formulas are extremely complicated to design, especially since core graphic design software is not fit for the task, unlike for example TeX. We prefer to avoid creating errors by offering a graphics support if your document is mainly composed. However, even in this case, we could offer you a standard proof-reading service, after adjusting our rates accordingly, taking into account the amount of the actual text to be proof-read and not the total number of pages. The task of structuring your bibliography falls entirely upon you. We will not verify appropriate placement of italics and quotation marks! There are several styles for bibliographies - e.g. Chicago Style is widespread. Your university and your professors should appoint you to the appropriate bibliographic norm. Off you go to work then! Please, regard this service as the final touch to your work! Please do not send emails every now and then, applying modifications. In this case you will be charged at twice the rate per page, and our deadline will have to be extended. If you opt for a graphic layout - pagination service, your dissertation will be delivered to you in PDF format (or PDF + Epub and Mobi, if you make use of the ebook option). This is a read-only file that you will not be able to modify later: it will not possible to re-edit in Word for example, since we use completely different software. However, in the case of prood-reading services, any corrections will be applied directly to your file, retaining its existing file type (Word or Open Office). Consequently, we will return you a flawless text, which you can always modify later. The ebook option allows you to have your work published in .epub and. mobi formats, which are perfectly legible on tablets like iPad or ebook readers like Kindle. The layout of these files automatically adapts to the width of the page, in case of zooming in or out. Although a PDF file is the ideal option for printing, it is not very pleasant to read on a screen, and in this case, .epub and .mobi formats are perfect for fully enjoying a comfortable reading experience on multimedia. This can also be useful if you decide to distribute your work on the internet, where the availability of several file formats can be an advantage! Please note that the .epub and .mobi files are not visually identical to the PDF format, as they will appear in a slightly simplified form in order to be compatible with all digital readers and tablets. After downloading the paginated and/or proof-read document, you are kindly requested to notify us within 24 hours on any error from our part. Despite all our efforts and persistent proofreading, it would be unrealistic to ensure a 100% flawless text. Please, have in mind that it is very rare, even for professional publications, to be absolutely error-free. In publishing business, it is acceptable that a book usually contains five errors per one hundred pages, even when the manuscript is thoroughly examined by several professional proofreaders. And your professors will not hold it against you if they spot a couple of mistakes (Certainly, they must have made a few of those in their own professional works...). As for the correction and amelioration of the syntax, you have the option to either entrust us with the full editing, enrichment and replacement of clumsily or incorrectly composed text or simply ask us to highlight you which instances might need rephrasing and provide you with some general suggestions on the improvement of your syntax. In this case, it is up to you to edit your document and choose whether or not you are going to implement our suggestions. After that, if you wish to assign us with the pagination of your text, you will have to send us an updated file of your work. Have in mind that, in case some of your sentences pose us with confusion as to their meaning, we will just provide you with a relevant notification to avoid distorting your text. We usually apply minor modifications to the images you might include in your dissertation. (improving their contrast, colour and cropping them, if necessary). Please be sure to attach the image files separately from the dissertation file itself (even if the images are already incorporated in your dissertation file) and please be sure to use high-quality images, lest they might appear pixelated. In general, if a digital image destined to occupy a full A4 page is less than 400 kb in size, this is not a good sign ñ you will have to find a better one. Should you use Google Image, select at least the large image option to filter the images better. Finally, always make sure you respect copyright laws and always cite your sources (both for your written texts as well as your images) as you would have wished for your own to be cited when referenced. If your document is intended to be made public, that is to say distributed or even sold on the internet, it is NECESSARY to clear permission from their proprietors for any of the images you use. For more information: Please note that we will never publish, nor make use of the content of your work - it goes without saying, it's yours. Accordingly, any layout designs used and incorporated in your dissertation constitute an intellectual creation and should not be reproduced without permission. We are available for all types of work: theses, internship reports, self-published books, etc. Rates vary depending on the complexity; do not hesitate to contact us for more information and get a quick offer. Our rates are not the same for non-academic work. We will make an offer in accordance with the rates typically charged by public writers and graphic designers. The choice to be affordable only for students is a conscious stance and we do not want to undermine the market prices of our fellow graphic designers by applying the same rates for the private sector. Payment is made online via a download site and a third-party secure payment service (Gumroad) exclusively through credit card. You do not have to be the owner of the card. We will be notified as soon as you download the file, and the file will be deleted after a few days for reasons of storage and security, so make sure you keep your backup.