Who we are

Mémoire mon amour is a small team of four editors and two graphic designers, with an expanding potential during high-intensity periods of work. 
Our proofreaders are teachers, writers, journalists, language teachers. Language is their passion and they are also familiar with the special requirements of academic work. They will thoroughly scan your document for errors and blunders and re-polish some sentences in harmony with your personal writing style.  Additionally, being well aware of the usual hindrances French language poses to foreign students, they can provide you with more accurate ways to communicate your ideas in French, but also in Basque, since it is the linguistic specialisation of one of our proof-readers. We also aspire to extend our services to the English language. Our designers come from various schools of art and graphics, they have worked with offset printers and major local publishers and they have a variable freelance experience in graphical design and illustration work, but also in photography and comics. They too had to produce their own theses and dissertations as university students and are therefore very familiar with the requirements of such an assignment. They can handle all types of documents written in French, English, Basque and Modern Greek. In MÈmoire mon Amour, we believe that academic work is essential for the future and we strive to produce the best possible results. We have written our own dissertations and we know well how university works. We are also aware that the standard rates for graphic design or public writers are generally too costly for students. With our pre-set quality themes, we can offer much lower prices for an equally professional effect. Since a dissertation is often not widely disseminated and rarely marketed, it seems logical to adjust our rates and services according to the needs of the academic world.  To follow our news, updates and offers, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!